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If you find something interesting or mysterious at the North Sea beach, BalticExplorer is the right website for you! We offer determination support and inform about all kinds of beached objects - natural or man-made. We collect all records and make them available for scientific coastal research.

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Zu diesem Bild sind die Nutzungsrechte noch im Klärungsprozess. Anstelle von Wutanfällen, Anzeigen oder Abmahnungen bitten wir freundlichst um kurze Rücksprache unter info@balticexplorer.org.

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Beach experiences - where and when?
To excursion dates

Guided beach excursions with explanations of biological facts and coastal protection topics are offered all along the coast. A list of places, providers and excursion dates can be found here:

School material

Free education material on Wadden Sea and North Sea is being developed. Already available are work sheets and teacher's material for our „Strandforscher”-program for primary schools (in german only).

Marine protection

Here you find background informations about biology and protection of Wadden Sea and North Sea.